Empowering women in Bangladesh with Cap Foundation.

“Empowering Women is one of the main objectives of Cap Foundation.” Saafins Cap Foundations key objective is to support people to move out of extreme poverty in the long run. We refrain from just providing food, medicine or cash as temporary relief which are a notoriously stubborn challenge. Cap Foundation Programe’s 80% of the beneficiaries are women. Cap Village Corner Shop initiative supports the poor villagers of […]

Women entrepreneur in Bangladesh

“Working with suppliers and manufacturers owned and run by women!” Saafins My experience of working with suppliers and firms in Bangladesh has been a learning curve from 2012. When I first boarded the plane from the UK to Dhaka I did not know what was waiting for me on the other side, but my experience […]

Bollore Logistics & Saafins

“Bollore will ensure we become a part of SAAFINS to provide clients with a seamless process.“ Saafins Bollore are one of the major logistics service providers in the world and have been able to ensure the majority of our global client base’s supply chains have remained intact. This is due to our ongoing, long term approach […]