What we do

As a full composite service from inception to delivery our Sales teams are based in London & Sweden. We make process seamless and efficient for buyers. We’re committed to delivering the most outstanding levels of service. We don’t in Compliance, QC & Logistics through our partners.


Our experienced staff are dotted internationally — poised and ready to design and produce in volumes to meet your needs. Our broad-based team in London can handle your sales and product development to secure banking and shipment of your consignments.

Housed in ready-to-manufacture vertical facilities, we’re geared up for producing garments for both ladies’ or menswear, or for children and infant clothing alike. 
Manufacturing capacity:

  • 27 line ready Knit-plant
  • 32 lines ready Woven-plant
  • 28 lines ready Sweater-plant

Our sweater-plant boasts state-of-the-art jacquard machines run by experienced teams capable of handling complex patterns.

Our copious 6,000m3 (cubic metre) facility houses the leather plant stocking varying grades of natural hide and PU. Between our London and Dhaka teams we procure and manufacture for European clients’ requirements for home-textiles. We have grown from strength-to-strength in this area and have now assigned dedicated designers at our London studio.


Lines: 26 lines
Capacity: 30,000 pieces per day
Samples: 2,000 per month (80 daily)
Marker & Sample: CAD system
Cutting, Sewing & Finishing: 520k monthly
Print & Embroidery: In house printing facility
Brother, Juki, Pegasus, Auto Spreader with (Gerber Technology Vibemac


Lines: 30 lines
Capacity: 34,600 per day
Samples: 2,050 per month
Dyeing & Finishing: 30 Sets of machines
Dyeing & Finishing: 20 metric tonnes per day
Knitting: 23 sets of machines

Home Textiles

Spinning: 150,000 spindles, 45 tonnes of yarn daily capacity
Weaving: With Rapier, Air jet & Shuttle procedure looms capable of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester / Blended fabrics
Confectioning: Equipped with our own stitching and packing unit with processing capacity of 1,500,000 meters (1.5 million meters) fabric per month


Outerwear Underwear
Tops, T’s, Polos, Vests etc
Lounge wear
Sweater, Fleece
Active wear