“Empowering Women is one of the main objectives of Cap Foundation.”


Cap Foundations key objective is to support people to move out of extreme poverty in the long run. We refrain from just providing food, medicine or cash as temporary relief which are a notoriously stubborn challenge.

Image of Rafia Khatun, one of the members of the Cap Village Corner Shop program.

Cap Foundation Programe’s 80% of the beneficiaries are women. Cap Village Corner Shop initiative supports the poor villagers of the sub-districts in both Sylhet and Dhaka division of Bangladesh. The Project’s aim is to support these communities’ livelihood and focus on empowering and giving them confidence in self-sustainability. One of the key objectives is to reduce poverty by providing training & education, women gain skills through the initiatives to increase employmentopportunities. Working closely with local law enforcement, the initiative focuses on reducing the risk of women becoming vulnerable and subjected to exploit and abuse.

Aiding families in rural areas to become self sufficient.

Our goal is to provide a one-off intervention which allows families to permanently end their crippling destitution.

Image of Asma Begum who received a sewing machine in 2019 and has since begun trading from her village.

From our Women Empowerment Programme we have another initiative to make women self sufficient. Delivering sewing machine sets to women who are struggling to provide for their families.

This initiative is designed to create more stability in the community and help the disadvantaged families to stand on their own two feet.

Cap Foundation team in Bangladesh delivering Sewing machines to women in villages.

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